What This Flight Attendant Does Could Make ANY Long Trip More Enjoyable

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Flying can be a huge hassle. It”s an uncomfortable experience, especially when a lot of people end up with the dreaded middle seat. It”s easy to see why travelers absolutely loathe the thought of flying. Some travelers even fully expect to be miserable for the length of their flight and go into the airport with such a mindset.

However, the aviation industry often tries to make everyone”s flying experience more enjoyable. For instance, I”m pretty sure that if I saw this woman on my flight, I”d have a much better time in the air.

(source Caralee Savage)

This would certainly take your mind off the fact that you only get a tiny bag of peanuts on your five-hour cross country flight. Well, it should for at least a few minutes. Then, the rumblings in your tummy will begin to take over all of your thoughts again.



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