When You See What These 10 Photographs Have In Common, You’ll Get Serious Chills

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Are ghosts real? You”d think that after so many centuries of humans experiencing paranormal events, we would have a firm answer to that question. The invention of the camera was supposed to settle the debate, but instead it just made people”s opinions more divisive.

However, photographic evidence is still the best evidence we have for the existence of ghosts and other spirits. While a lot of ghost photography is obviously fake, there are a few photos that stand out. These are the ones that chill you to the core because they”re not easily explained away.

1. Boothill Cemetery.

Boothill Cemetery.

This photo was taken in the early 1990s at the famous Boothill Cemetery in the Wild West. The subject, Terry Ike Clanton, is an actor and wild west enthusiast who wanted to commemorate his visit with an old-timey photograph. Instead, in the bushes over his left shoulder appears to be the ghostly apparition of a man dressed in complete old west attire.

2. Full-Body Apparition.

Full-Body Apparition.

This undated photograph was supposed to be the perfect shot of the photographer”s young daughter playing. Instead the man captured what appears to be a full-body, ghostly apparition. If you look closely, you can see that his daughter is reacting to whatever that shape is.

3. The Brown Lady.

The Brown Lady.

Starting in 1835, England”s Raynham Hall has been said to be haunted by the ghost of its original owner, Lady Dorothy Townsend. This photo of the so-called Brown Lady was taken in the 1930s. Despite the picture being nearly 90 years old, it continues to be one of the most iconic ghost photos ever taken.

4. Grandpa.


This was supposed to be a picture of Denise Russel”s 94-year-old grandmother. Instead the photo, taken in 1997, accidentally captured a ghostly figure standing right behind Grandma. Russel noticed the figure behind her grandma in 2000. The whole family agreed it bore a chilling resemblance to their grandfather who passed away in 1984.

5. Romanian Priestess.

Romanian Priestess.

This 2008 picture allegedly shows the infamous ghost that haunts the 150-year-old Decebal Hotel in Romania. According to local legend, there is a treasure buried under the hotel, and the ghost is there to keep treasure hunters away.

6. Grand Canyon Ghost.

Grand Canyon Ghost.

This photograph was posted by Redditor cheygavara. It depicts one of his uncles at the Grand Canyon sometime in the 1980s. He says that they were messing around, taking pictures near the edge. When they got home and developed the photos, they found a strange, hooded apparition staring at them from the bushes. You can see an arrow pointing to it in the photo above. Notice how whatever it is doesn”t have any feet.

7. Mysterious Hand.

Mysterious Hand.

An early 20th-century furniture dealer, Montague Cooper, had this photograph taken of a piece he was selling. When the photo was developed, Cooper had no idea whose hand had ruined his photo or even how it got there. Could it have been the previous owner telling him not to sell it?

8. Lord Combermere”s Chair.

Lord Combermere

After the death of Lord Combermere, a local photographer was hired to photograph his now-empty chair. However, when the photo was developed, there was evidence that the old master wasn”t quite ready to give up his favorite chair.

9. SS Waterton.

SS Waterton.

In the 1920s, on board the SS Waterton, crew members James Courtney and Michael Meehan met an untimely end when an unexpected gas leak killed them. Because the ship was so far from port, the two were buried at sea. Not long after, the rest of the crew began seeing human faces in the ocean around them. This photograph was taken by the captain, trying to capture some evidence of what was happening.

10. Electric Chair.

Electric Chair.

This photo was taken by engineer Ted Lucher. He was hired by the state of Tennessee to update and adjust their electric chair. In this seemingly innocent photo, you can clearly make out a face and a limp, ghostly hand on the armrest.

(via: Moviepilot, Izismile)

Are you convinced yet? Well, if not, maybe you should start looking through some of your old photos. Who knows what ghostly figures you may have accidentally caught on film…


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