One Man Was Obsessed With Being Eaten Alive By An Anaconda, But He Failed

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On Sunday night, the Discovery Channel aired “Eaten Alive,” a special in which one man attemped to get a giant snake to swallow him whole. The two hour special talked a lot about Paul Rosolie, the self described adventurer taking on this, uh, adventure.

It also talked a lot about the snake itself and the various safety procedures required for getting eaten by one. Sadly, when it came to the main event, it left viewers a little wanting.

Due to complications, or possibly just the fact that Rosolie didn”t want to be eaten by an anaconda badly enough, the Internet is abuzz over what didn”t happen on Sunday night.

H/T: Time

I suppose we were never going to see the snake casually crawling around with just Rosolie”s shape humorously outlined in the middle of his stomach like we all wanted. But come on Discovery, if you call the show “Eaten Alive,” we at least expect a little tongue, instead of just a hug.


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