He Finally Felt What It’s Like To Give Birth – And Mom’s Reaction Is Priceless!

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They say that childbirth is one of the most intense pains a woman can ever have. Men, on the other hand, claim that being kicked in the groin is a pain that most women will never understand. While no one ever wants to feel real pain, there is always a bit of morbid curiosity when it comes to knowing which sex really has it worse.

This man was unfortunate enough to experience a rough estimation of what a woman”s labor pains feel like. Watch his face and you”ll instantly die of laughter.

(via The Holderness Family)

I think we should all be thankful for our mothers. They had to go through this pain at least once, and possibly a few more times if you have siblings. All I know is that I want no part of that. I thank my lucky stars that I never have to give birth.



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