These Shocking Pictures Explore The Urban Blight Of Baltimore

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Once a booming factory town, Baltimore, Maryland has faced the consequences of extreme deindustrialization over the last few decades. As more and more companies opt for overseas manufacturing to capitalize on cheap labor, Baltimore”s infrastructure is driven further into the ground.

Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost. Because of this, over a quarter of the population remains below the poverty line, and the city continues to decay. As Reddit user cat_morgue”s pictures portray, the corrosion of Charm City is truly horrible, but also strangely beautiful in its own way.

As HBO”s The Wire so matter-of-factly points out, many impoverished residents of Baltimore turn to crime to provide for their families. Murders seem to accompany a rampant drug trade, and police appear to be little help against the rising crime rate.

Will Baltimore ever be the spectacular industrial town it once was? Maybe not. But beautiful and revealing photos like these may encourage a desire for change.


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