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This Is The Kind Of Peril You Will Face If You Try To Put Out A Grease Fire With Water

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Fires are dangerous. I think we all know that. Some people have the difficult job of fighting fires and their bravery shouldn”t be taken lightly. What a lot of people don”t know is that there are different types of fires that require very specific extinguishing methods.

There are brush fires, electrical fires, and grease fires to name a few. As it turns out, water can”t put out all of them. In fact, sometimes water makes them much worse. Grease fires are particularly dangerous, and water will only add fuel to the very literal fire.

That”s exactly what the people in this video are here to demonstrate. Check out the insanity below.

(via YouTube)

If you ever encounter a fire in your home, it”s important to figure out exactly what kind of fire you”re dealing with. In any case, it can”t hurt to call 911. They”re the experts, after all.

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