This Man Was Snorkeling In The Maldives When He Spotted A Disturbing Miracle

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A tourist in the Maldives came across something unusual while he was snorkeling in shallows near the beach. It was a fish that looked normal at first, just swimming along the ocean floor. However, when he looked closer, he saw that the fish was a little strange…

It was missing its entire body.

According to the uploader, the fish had been caught and gutted by a local fisherman. During the gutting process, a fish”s head is removed from its body. Normally, this gives the fish a quick death. However, if you”re sloppy, you can end up leaving the fish with enough brain stem to keep going after you throw the unwanted parts overboard.

(source: Reddit)

That poor fish. Hopefully it didn”t have to go on for too much longer like that. It doesn”t look like it”s having any fun trying to swim with two less fins.


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