Tulisa Looks Unrecognisable After Latest ‘Plastic Surgery’

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It started off with a few lip and cheek fillers when she was bored. But fans are worried that Tulisa Contostavlos has taken things a step too far with her latest round of cosmetic procedures that have left her looking unrecognisable.

The 27-year-old shared a selfie on her Instagram earlier this week showing off her ‘new face’ and it’s hard to believe it is the same person.

Unsurprisingly, people across the globe have raised their concerns over the former X Factor judge’s altered appearance and they didn’t hold back on expressing what they thought of her new look.


One person commented: ‘Tulisa ruined her pretty face. So sad.”

While another said: ‘Tulisa has had some sort of face transplant why do celebs do that to themselves.”

We can’t deny that she still looks pretty, her plump lips and long lashes are what we would all kill for, however it is sad that the singer felt her natural looks weren’t good enough.


Tulisa looks a world apart from the girl we were first introduced to when she was part of hip hop group N-Dubz.

She admitted back in 2014 on The Jonathan Ross Show to getting her lips and cheeks done, but refused to define it as plastic surgery.

She told the host: ‘I like having my lips done, it’s my personal thing, it makes me happy.

‘[But] to clarify, I haven’t had surgery. Surgery is “going under the knife,” breaking bones, adding stuff in.


‘I simply just had cosmetic enhancement, it’s just a little bit of filler which I put a little bit in my cheeks and in my lips.’

She went on to discuss why immediately after the treatment she looked so noticeably different.

‘Unfortunately I had water retention so my face reacted so I had to try and get rid of the filler I had in my cheeks and now I just have it in my lips,’ she told Jonathan.


She sees no reason to be embarrassed or secretive about the whole thing: “I’m honest about it, I could lie, at least I’m telling the truth!”

However, so far she hasn’t been so open about her latest alterations and we are afraid that she is going to claim (like the majority of other celebs do) that she’s had no more work done.

Either way, we wish that she would leave her face alone and enhance her natural beauty – or what’s left of it at least.

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