These Mechanical Bulls Fails Will Make You Skip The Cowboy Theatrics Next Time.

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Now that the cold autumn rains are upon us, it”s time to take our rodeos indoors and bring out the ole mechanical bulls. Here”s a tip though: let your friends test the bull out first. It doesn”t matter how brave you feel (on account of all of the liquor). Let someone else take the hit and embarrass themselves before you get up there and impress everyone with your Pecos Bill poise.

Here are the top eight mechanical bull fails on the Internet.

This woman is as full as a tick (that”s drunk in cowboy language).

This city slicker barely even got started!

This cowboy seems to be getting the hang of it, right until the end of the rodeo.

That”s gotta hurt the ole noggin!

This lady just became a legend of the frontier.

One cowboy per steer, please!

Hoo-nelly! This cowpoke can”t even find the cow long enough to poke it!

These videos should teach you one thing: always rodeo responsibly (or don”t do it at all). Oh boy…



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