This Is Why Your McDonald’s Meal Looks Nothing Like It Does In Adverts

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McDonald’s are always coming out with brand new products, whether it’s a new style of burger or breakfast McMuffin. Regardless of what it is in the adverts, whether on TV or in print, the food looks close to perfect.

So why is it that when you order the food, it never looks anything like what it does in the ads?

McDonald’s is an incredibly popular fast-food restaurant and they serve millions of people every day. Sadly this means there isn’t a whole lot of time to make the food look picture perfect.

The food that appears in the adverts however, looks the way it does because it has been in the studio for hours. Sounds bizarre right?

In the video below, it shows the whole process from assembling a burger to the final edit ready to go on display to advertise.

Watch below to see the process in full

The burger goes through an incredibly long process considering it’s a burger, but it’s what is necessary to create the advertisement you see plastered on billboards and on your TV.

Below is the comparison of the kind of burger you would pick up in store, alongside the one that you will see advertised.


It’s quite a difference, but at least you know now that it’s not the workers fault that the burger doesn’t look as good in store.

You’d have to wait a few hours to get a burger like that.

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